Cultural Diversity

All Staff & Volunteers

The Cultural Diversity learning package supports staff to deliver culturally appropriate health care and services

Culture is the way people live. Culture affects the way we think and behave, from how we treat others, to who we allow to care for us, to what we do when we don’t feel well and how we make decisions about our care and treatment.

To deliver culturally appropriate health care, we need to have:

  • An understanding that other people’s cultural beliefs, values and experiences will impact on their attitudes, behaviours and decisions
  • An awareness and recognition of our own cultural values, beliefs and experiences and how they influence our attitudes, behaviours and decisions
  • Recognising that the way you do things in not the only way

Click on the following link: Cultural Diversity to complete the WeLearn Module, noting that you will need to enter your WeLearn password details to go directly to the learning package.