Guide / Front Line Staff

Knowing How We’re Doing Boards

With staff involvement, 'Knowing How We are Doing' Boards have been redesigned to support a consistent look and focus across the organisation.


‘Knowing How We’re Doing’ (KHWD) boards are used across Western Health to communicate performance and improvement initiatives at a local level in a standardised format. The purpose of the KHWD board is to monitor local and organisational level performance to identify priority action areas for targeted improvement, celebrate achievements and as an avenue for open and transparent communication about how we are doing.


Responsibility and Governance

The responsibility for ongoing maintenance and data reporting for the KHWD boards lies with the local area manager. Compliance with the KHWD processes will be monitored on a quarterly basis by the Division of Quality, Safety and the Patient Experience and monitoring will also form part of the regular Best Care Walkarounds.


The format of the KHWD boards is standardised across Western Health, however, the data presented on each board should be reflective of the performance, needs, concerns and achievements of the local area. The KHWD board at Western Health is divided into the following four sections:

  • Best Care at Western Health
  • Best Care Improvement Summary
  • Performance
  • Feedback

Best Care at Western Health: A copy of the WH Best Care Framework diagram goes in this section of the KHWD board. The Best Care Framework outlines how Western Health – in partnership with our patients and their families; building on the strengths of our clinical and health support staff; and supported by managers, the executive and the board – continues to strive for our Vision for care that is person-centred, co-ordinated, right and safe for every patient, every time.

Best Care Improvement Summary: The Best Care Improvement Summary section of the KHWD board encompasses both organisational and local area improvement initiatives. Western Health has a designated Improvement Framework that outlines the process for completing and documenting improvement activity throughout the organisation. Refer to the Quality Improvement intranet page for access to the templates and tools.

Performance: The performance section of the KHWD board is aligned with the domains of the Western Health Best Care Framework. These performance metrics monitor our ability to provide Best Care for our patients. A total of four  performance metrics that are relevant to the local area should be reported and these will be aligned with the relevant Best Care domain and National Standard.

Feedback: The feedback component of the KHWD boards consists of two parts, local area compliments and complaints and responses obtained though the VHES. The local area is responsible for updating their compliments and complaints every month. Staff from the Division of Quality, Safety and Patient Experience are responsible for the reporting Western Health VHES data and will assist the local area with updating this section of the KHWD board on a quarterly basis.