Trish Foley

Trish Foley has been participating in Western Health's Volunteer Program for over 3 years and believes it's so important to have the best possible people, extending the best possible care to our Community.

As both a patient and a volunteer within Western Health Group, I have received and have witnessed, what I  would consider to be, “Best Care”.

I have been participating in the Volunteer Program for over 3 years, and in that time I have witnessed kindness and tenderness extended toward the patients on a daily basis.

I think that in our most vulnerable time of need, it is extremely important to have people who show empathy and compassion.

Hospital stays can be an emotional time, and it is at this time, that we need lots of reassurance and friendly faces looking after us.  People respond to the way that others treat them, and it is to be expected, that our patients are treated with the utmost care.

Fortunately, I can say, that we at Western Health are indeed adhering to this type of care.

On a personal level, I experienced “Best Care”, 2 years ago, when I underwent surgery at Williamstown campus.  Though not yet perhaps in the “overly elderly” category, it was nonetheless, an extremely vulnerable time of my life.  

During the period in hospital, I experienced such tenderness and compassion in my time  of recuperation.  The staff went over and above to care for me and make me feel more settled.

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