Executive & Board

Shane Crowe

Shane Crowe is the Executive Director of Nursing & Midwifery and is passionate about supporting and developing our staff to live Best Care and enhance the patient’s experience of healthcare.

To me Best Care is about ensuring that we engage with our patients and their families, to understand their goals – and then work with them to deliver holistic care that meets that individual’s needs. All staff and volunteers have a role in delivering Best Care, and every small, meaningful gesture of our care and compassion really makes a huge difference to our patients.

A good example of living Best Care I have been involved in within the past year is our wards implementing End PJ Paralysis. Seeing our staff rally behind this simple initiative to get patients into their day clothes and up and moving has been amazing. If an 80 year old spends 3 weeks in bed, the reduction of fitness is the equivalent of ageing 30 years, significantly increasing their risk of falling, developing a pressure injury or delirium and becoming incontinent or malnourished.

No one wants to be in hospital. By getting our patients dressed and keeping them moving we are not only keeping them healthier and preventing adverse events; but it also promotes wellness, and gets them home sooner. Now that’s Best Care.