Executive & Board

Russell Harrison

Russell Harrison is the Chief Executive of Western Health and is passionate about encouraging staff to live Best Care with every patient, every time, everywhere.

To me Best Care is about our ability to give best care to every patient every time irrespective of our role. For some this is a smile, a greeting, help finding the way to their appointment, right through to the life saving work our staff provide every day.

A good example of living Best Care I have heard about within the past year is Nick Bartolotta, who works mostly in the radiology department as a PSA/orderly and did something that probably helped save the life of a 3 year old boy. A couple arrived in a car at the Western Private side entrance thinking it was our ED. They were screaming for help saying he (their son) was dying and Nick was down near the loading dock coming to work. Nick looked at their child who was very unresponsive and thought that calling a code to the loading dock at 7am was going to waste too much time given the state of the child.

He then immediately took the child in his arms and asked the parents to follow him while he ran around the back corridors into ED. They finally got there and the child was in the right hands for ongoing care. Nick is rapt that the child has pulled through, and this is Best Care in action.