Executive & Board

Natasha Toohey

Natasha Toohey is the Executive Director of Operations and is committed to ensuring we provide consistent and compassionate care to every patient and their family, every time, everywhere.

To me Best Care is about providing care to our community that they want, when they want it, in a way that they want it – be that in hospital or at home. It’s about being kind and taking a moment to truly listen

A great example of living Best Care I have observed within the past year involved the support of our incredible volunteer groups. In both the preparation for the move into Joan Kirner and in the Sunshine Emergency Department our staff practised mock clinical scenarios. In both instances our volunteers offered their time to be our ‘mock patients’ – some of whom were having babies, some had lost a baby and some were being brought in by ambulance! Not only did our volunteers help us test our clinical readiness and training plans, they also reminded us of what it is like to be a patient during a clinical move – a gentle reminder for all of us to be kind, take a moment to really engage with our patients and explain exactly what is going to happen.