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Narelle Watson

Dr Narelle Watson is the Director of Quality, Safety and Patient Experience and is passionate about continuing to embed processes that support the health service and health professionals to be responsive to the needs of patients and their families. Narelle recognises that responsiveness to patients is a determinant of effective health systems.

To me Best Care is about consistently providing care that considers the needs and goals of patients, appropriately involves family/support people and is evidence-based. Patients have variable needs and appreciate health professionals that are good communicators, clearly explain treatment and management options, display interest in their views, allow time for questions, and involve them in treatment decisions.  

A good example of living Best Care I have been involved with in the past year is publishing findings of a series of patient interviews we completed exploring patients’ experiences with the health system and navigation of life following wrist fracture. Despite wrist fracture being initially described over two centuries ago, this is the first published paper to report on patients’ experience in the immediate period following wrist fracture. The impression given was one of patients and health professionals both attempting to navigate the system and this, unsurprisingly, did not consistently result in best care. Patients’ acceptance of management was influenced by their confidence that it was the ‘right care’. Patients appreciate health professionals who are good communicators, display interest in what they have to say, and involve them in treatment decisions.