Front Line Staff

Kiri Martin

Kiri Martyn is part of Western Health’s ACE (Advice, Co-ordination and Expertise) team and likes being the person that says ‘Yes – I can help’.

On a daily basis, Kiri arranges anything from rehabilitation appointments to GP referrals, emergency accommodation and medical equipment for patients who often fall between the gaps.

She says there’s nothing else quite like the integrated service in Victoria, which aims to get patients home quicker and reduce hospital presentations and admissions by identifying those needing extra support.

“Many of the patients we work with are coming to hospital frequently, might have several different medical conditions or limited support at home, and some are in financial hardship,” she says. Our job is to link them in with community services and support them when they go home, so they only need to come into hospital when it’s medically necessary.”

“Traditionally doctors didn’t use community services, and they often weren’t aware of what could be arranged for patients once they left hospital. But now with the ACE care-coordinators aligned with each medical unit, the doctors have a key person they can rely on to link their patients in with the services they require.”

“Our profiling within the medical teams has increased. They feel comfortable that there’s someone there that they can contact, and we are involved in meetings about patient care from day one.

Kiri trained as a physiotherapist and worked in aged care but wanted to be able to help on a broader scale. “For me, I just like helping people. A lot of things come to us that don’t seem to be anyone’s particular problem, and no one wants to deal with it.