Managers & Senior Clinicians

Joy Turner

Joy Turner is the Director of Nursing & Midwifery and is passionate about encouraging staff to live Best Care with every patient, every time, everywhere.

To me Best Care is about supporting all staff at Western Health to grow and deliver exceptional care to our patients and the community.

A good example of living Best Care I have heard within the past year is  when one of our patients in our surgical ward had lost her mobile phone. She was sure that her phone had got mixed up in the linen. The staff on the ward looked through the linen skip and were unable to find it. The patient became more distressed so the unit manager took it upon herself to look through all the linen in the dirty utility room with no avail.  Feeling sorry and distressed for the patient, she then went to the basement to be confronted by masses of linen bags piled up ready to be collected. She went back to the ward as a last resort and got the patient’s mobile number.  Back in the basement she rang the number. The phone was located and returned to a very, very grateful patient.