Managers & Senior Clinicians

Jason Plant

Jason Plant is the Divisional Director of Chronic & Complex Care and is passionate about encouraging staff to live Best Care with every patient, every time, everywhere.

A good example of living Best Care I have been involved with during the past year is the care provided for Martin. 

Martin experienced 42 ED presentations and 38 ward admissions over a 12 month period. Martin was suffering from depression, drug and alcohol excess, estranged from his family and living in a caravan park. Due to the HealthLinks algorithm, Martin qualified for the program and collaboratively the team planned an admission, supported him with detox and arranged secure housing.  In addition the team facilitated ongoing DOA support, mental health support and clinical support from our at home nursing services.

Martin has only experienced one admission to WH in the past 9 months and is very positive about his future and his prospects of moving back in with his family.