Managers & Senior Clinicians

Eileen Hansen

Eileen Hansen is an Improvement and Innovation partner, and is dedicated to supporting clinicians, senior leaders, and staff to provide Best Care.

To me, Best Care is about having perspective about the work that we do every day. It is about consistently putting in your best effort knowing that every contribution can ultimately help positively influence patient experience and outcomes at Western Health.

A good example of living Best Care I have been involved in within the past year is supporting the Sepsis Pathway Project. This project helped embed a clinical pathway to improve early identification and prompt, standardized management of sepsis. Our work now supports clinicians treat their patients in-line with best practice guidelines, and helps patients recover quickly and avoid serious complications of sepsis. I am proud to have collaborated with clinicians such as Sally Greenberg, Myra Robles (pictured) and Ainslie Senz, who are each so dedicated to the well-being of their patients, and passionate about improving the care Western Health provides. They, and their work, are true examples of living Best Care.