Managers & Senior Clinicians

Claire Culley

Claire Culley is the Divisional Director of Preoperative and Critical Care Services and is passionate about encouraging staff to live Best Care with every patient, family and carer interaction.

To me Best Care is about having a positive interaction with patients, families and carers irrespective of the circumstances. Providing assistance even when we are off duty, whether helping someone to find their loved one or delivering a new baby into our community shows the delivery of Best Care our staff provide each and every day.

A good example of living Best Care I have heard about involved Samantha Anmgiolella who is an ANUM in the ICU SH and her colleague Rosie Shanahan who is a CNS. The two nurses were leaving work in the evening after their 12 hour shifts and as they were walking through the Joan Kirner car park they were approached by the driver of a car that had pulled up. He was saying his wife was having a baby. Samantha went to the female passenger, talking calmly to her when she realised the baby was crowning. An adult code blue was called to get some assistance. Sam then delivered the baby in the car, placed the newborn up on Mums chest, ensuring the baby was safe and breathing.

The outcome for Mum, Dad and the new born baby demonstrates that Best Care can be provided no matter what the circumstances.