Adriana Mulla

Adriana Mulla shares her story about being a consumer advisor at Western Health

My decision to become a consumer advisor was influenced by my late husband’s experience with the health service. Aside from that, I have a genuine interest in public health and I am fascinated with the way Western Health is shifting towards increased consumer involvement. In general, I feel welcomed and well received by the medical community. This role gives me the opportunity to participate in meaningful discussions with other committee members and to offer a consumer perspective. However, it has been challenging coming to grips with some of the medical terms that are used in the meetings. As a consumer of health services, I would like to contribute to the ultimate goal that would see patients being partners with health providers in the delivery of healthcare services. I would encourage others to become involved as consumer advisors in their local health service. It is very rewarding to know that your involvement could lead to service improvement and possibly enhance patients’ experience with health services.