WOW! Your WoW audit results are in!

A summary of the WoW audit results are now available!

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The Preventing and Controlling Healthcare-Associated Infection Standard supports Western Health to provide Safe Care.

WoW Audit completed – Thursday 13 February 2020

  • Audit completed on 5 WoWs for each inpatient ward across the organisation
  • Auditing made easier with audit tools customised on SharePoint
  • More timely access to data with staff using WoWs to audit and results able to be filtered by Division and Ward on Sharepoint
  •  76% of WoWs were rated as visibly clean across the organisation
  • 86% of WoWs had clinell wipes readily available

In-house auditing presents advantages for Western Health staff, including greater flexibility with audit content and more timely access to data.  Staff using WoWs to complete audits means results are immediately available on SharePoint.  A summary of the results can be accessed below, with results able to be filtered to Divisional and Ward Level.  

WoW Audit Results_Feb2020_LBC

Thanks to all involved!