Western Health Quality Account 2019-20

At Western Health we are committed to quality care that is safe, person-centred, right and co-ordinated – we are committed to Best Care.  Our Quality Account outlines how Western Health - in partnership with our patients, their families and carers; building on the strengths of our clinical and health support staff; and supported by managers, the Executive and the Board - continues to strive for our vision of Best Care. 


The Best Care Quality Account is a companion document to our Annual Report, accessible through our website and this link

Quality Accounts were introduced in Victoria in 2015-16 and aim to:

  • Provide the Victorian community with an open and transparent account of each health service’s performance and improvement work 
  • Support accountability of public health services and standalone community health services
  • Promote changes in systems and professional practices
  • Promote continuous improvement
  • Provide consumers with information

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Safer Care Victoria (SCV) advised public health services there was no mandate to submit a Quality Account for 2019-20.  Western Health decided to share our improvements and quality focus for 2019-20 through a Quality Account and followed the 2018-19 guidelines. 

Development of the 2019-20 Quality Account was coordinated by Alison Rule, Director of Corporate Governance & Planning.  We acknowledge Alison’s coordination, and the contributions from staff across the organisation, resulting in the production of a comprehensive and informative 2019-20 Quality Account.  We also acknowledge the contributions of our Consumer Representatives, Shefton Parker and Carolyn Rowan, who reviewed content and provided feedback on suitability for consumers.