‘Knowing How We’re Doing’ (KHWD) boards

Congratulations – we have successfully implemented the re-designed ‘Knowing How We’re Doing’ (KHWD) boards across all of our Western Health services!

Staff engagement with this process has been fantastic and reflects the value we place on the KHWD boards to communicate performance and improvement initiatives.

The purpose of the KHWD board is to monitor performance, identify priority action areas for targeted improvement, celebrate achievements and as an avenue for open and transparent communication about how we are doing.

Our work on these will not only assist local areas during Accreditation but will also assist us to Live Best Care beyond Accreditation week.

Please take the opportunity to discuss content of the KHWD boards at huddles/staff meetings/Best Care Walkarounds to ensure all staff know the content of the KHWD board for their local area/ward.

It is important that staff are able to answer the following 3 questions and please use the KHWD board as a prompt if you are unsure of this detail:

  1. What are the top risks in the ward/area
  2. What strategies and improvement work aims to minimise these risks
  3. What measures are used to monitor performance in local areas – particularly in relation to areas of identified risk