Digital Innovation Pilot Project – COVID-19 Symptom Monitoring Platform

Western Health is exploring innovative approaches to manage challenges associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. Western Health has partnered with a technology start-up, WeGuide, to develop and pilot an easy to use platform for staff to report and monitor their COVID-19 symptoms.


To complement Western Health’s COVID-19 efforts, the Improvement & Innovation Team has been leading a digital innovation project in conjunction with WeGuide, the COVID-19 Response Team, Infectious Diseases Unit, and the Respiratory Assessment Clinic. 

The COVID-19 symptom monitoring platform enables staff to monitor their symptoms and receive real time targeted information in alignment with state government guidance. Once staff have signed up, they are prompted to complete a very short survey twice a day which involves recording their temperature and assessing other COVID-19 symptoms. 

The platform aims to inform and instruct staff based on the questionnaire responses, assist Western Health to monitor large numbers to see how symptoms evolve, and to determine if extra measurements should be taken to support our staff.

The project team began a pilot trial of the platform in April 2020 for staff in high-risk areas. For more information, please email the team at .