Congratulations to our Live Best Care competition winners!

As part of our launch of the Live Best Care site on Friday 18 October, Russell caricatures were hidden throughout the site. The first 10 staff to email the location of 5 Russells throughout the site and provide a brief summary of what Best Care means to them were awarded two movie tickets.


Congratulations to the following staff and we appreciate you sharing what Best Care means to you:

Diana Hayes…Best Care to Diana means rehabilitating people with an abdominal stoma and a diversity of requirements.  It means using empathy and engagement to support their return to the community. 

Anne Ingram…Best Care to Anne means that we are patient-centred and strive for appropriate care at all times.

Simonne Collins…Best Care to Simonne means providing timely, integrated and high-quality care to the community whilst also fostering a safe, innovative and supportive workplace for staff and volunteers.

Maree Dell…Best Care to Maree means guiding, engaging and supporting staff to provide the best clinical care they are able to give.  Maree does this by ensuring staff are well orientated to the service, have been able to explore all educational opportunities, have adequate rest with good rostering and have completed all of their mandatory competencies.

Sally Butzkueven…Best Care for Sally means identifying ways in which we can improve our service to ensure patients receive the care they need, at the right time, by the right people, and in a way they can understand.  It also means ensuring we put patients first in all the work we do when we develop new projects and ensuring that our projects support our clinicians to provide the best care they can for patients.

Mary Hopkins…Best Care for Mary means giving patients the time to talk, allowing them time to tell their story and listening to our patients.

Leesa Cooke…Best Care for Lisa means that as an administration officer she provides support to her Manager and the staff around her in a timely, professional, compassionate and respectful manner to allow them to deliver Best Care directly to our patients.  It also means assisting with any patient and family queries.

Maryrose Winfield…Best Care for Maryrose means striving to always align with Western’s values (CARES) by providing the best possible administrative support for her team (Medical Education Unit and Medical Workforce Unit). It also means providing a safe and supportive environment for the Junior Medical Staff (specifically the BPTs).

Melody Trueman…Best Care for Melody means that in her project role she is a living example of Best Care at work through positive role modelling and ensuring that every interaction with staff, patients and their families is respectful, courteous and evidence based.

Emilda Coates…Best Care for Emilda means enhancing our practices and standards to provide the best service we can to meet the needs of our patients and their families.