Every single staff member at Western Health – either directly or indirectly, whether clinical staff, non-clinical staff or volunteer - makes a contribution every day to supporting the provision of Best Care and the best experience for our patients. Compliments are real examples of our staff providing Best Care. Through our 'compliment of the week' we acknowledge staff who successfully translate our Vision of delivering Best Care into day-to-day behaviours.


Our vision of Best Care is to provide person-centred, co-ordinated, right and safe care for every patient, every time, everywhere.  Delivering Best Care within the complexity of our health system is not always easy.  We would like to recognise the provision of Best Care by the entire team at Joan Kirner Women’s and Children’s, and share the words of appreciation we received from Isabel.

Dear Glyn Teale,

My husband and I would like to formally offer our deepest thanks to all of the members of the Joan Kirner hospital staff who were involved in my Elective Cesarean this past Wednesday 30th June.

From the entire Surgical Team who were assigned to the delivery of my son to the Midwives who attended to my care during recovery, each member went above and beyond to ensure I was well looked after.

The highest quality of care and kindness provided by these members made what was already a precious moment even more special and that is something I will always treasure.

A huge notable mention and thanks goes to my assigned doctor Daniel Garcia who performed an incredible Cesarean. Daniel displayed a remarkable combination of professionalism whilst also personally making me feel well cared for before and after delivery. His communication and organisation were brilliant in the theatre room which made me feel safe and secure in an environment which is typically a daunting experience. Daniel had such steady hands during my operation and stitched me up with such immaculate care. I can’t rave about Daniel enough. He is such a wonderful Doctor and I hope that I would be fortunate enough have him deliver my next child!

Alongside Daniel, my Anaesthesiologists were absolutely superb. They talked me through the process and made me feel as safe and calm as possible in the theatre room. They displayed such personal and professional care for me which I am very grateful for. My Midwife Lisa was the first to greet us pre delivery and she had such a warm and kind nature that instantly made me feel “at home”. Lisa’s greeting and prompt care was a delightful start to what was an exceptional experience at Joan Kirner.

Along with these personal mentions were all the other staff who attended to me whether it was prior, during or after surgery. I was always met with a warm smile and the utmost care. You have an outstanding team of people working for you and I do hope my many thanks could be passed along to them and that hope that my letter of gratitude would give them the honour they are due.

I can confidently look back on my experience at Joan Kirner with nothing but a huge smile and warm heart with complete joy and adoration for the staff members who worked their hardest to ensure I was a valued and cared for patient.

Again a big thank you to the Team and thank you also for taking the time to read my letter.