We would like to recognise provision of Best Care by the staff of 2A and 2F at Sunshine Hospital


Every single staff member at Western Health – either directly or indirectly, whether clinical staff, non-clinical staff or volunteer – makes a contribution every day to supporting the provision of Best Care and the best experience for our patients. Compliments are real examples of our staff providing Best Care. Through our ‘compliment of the week’ we acknowledge staff who successfully translate our Vision of delivering Best Care into day-to-day behaviours.

Our vision of Best Care is to provide person-centred, co-ordinated, right and safe care for every patient, every time, everywhere.  Delivering Best Care within the complexity of our health system is not always easy.  We would like to recognise provision of Best Care by the staff of 2A and 2F at Sunshine Hospital. We share the words of appreciation from a patient, reflecting the care provided during their recent hospital admission.

I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation of the hard working and friendly ( though that word does not adequately cover what I feel ) Nurses both female and male that have attended to me in the last several weeks that I have been here with a broken leg and ulcerative colitis flare up. I do not believe I could have had better care taken on my behalf anywhere in the world, this experience just reinforces my opinion that the very best people in the world are nurses.  I can honestly say I have never met a bad nurse in my life and here is certainly no different. The skills and qualifications of these lovely people, not to mention how hard they work on all patients behalf, continually amazes me particularly here at Western Hospital Sunshine in all areas. Starting with ED and continuing on Wards 2A and 2F I just wish I could do more to thank them even close to adequately, from the Nurse in charge to all the staff I offer a truly heartfelt thanks. I am about to be transferred to Williamstown for Rehab and I am very confident the nurse there will be great.