Compliment of the Week – 5 February 2021

Every single staff member at Western Health – either directly or indirectly, whether clinical staff, non-clinical staff or volunteer - makes a contribution every day to supporting the provision of Best Care and the best experience for our patients. Compliments are real examples of our staff providing Best Care. Through our 'compliment of the week' we acknowledge staff who successfully translate our Vision of delivering Best Care into day-to-day behaviours.


Our vision of Best Care is to provide person-centred, co-ordinated, right and safe care for every patient, every time, everywhere.  Delivering Best Care within the complexity of our health system is not always easy.  We would like to recognise the provision of Best Care by staff working  on ward 2F – CCU at Sunshine Hospital.   We share these words sent to us by Stewart, in appreciation of the care he recently received.

I was admitted via ED on Saturday 4am and stayed until Monday 25th January.

The heart issue was very scary as I’m a fit & healthy 57 y.o.

The team at the unit were amazing to my wife and myself. Taking time to explain the issues & treatment.

They were exceptionally caring, ensuring my emotional well being also.

I cannot rate the nursing team highly enough.