Every single staff member at Western Health – either directly or indirectly, whether clinical staff, non-clinical staff or volunteer - makes a contribution every day to supporting the provision of Best Care and the best experience for our patients. Compliments are real examples of our staff providing Best Care. Through our 'compliment of the week' we acknowledge staff who successfully translate our Vision of delivering Best Care into day-to-day behaviours.


Our vision of Best Care is to provide person-centred, co-ordinated, right and safe care for every patient, every time, everywhere.  Delivering Best Care within the complexity of our health system is not always easy.  We would like to recognise the provision of Best Care by staff working in Drug Health Services.


Dear Team,

Thank you.

Words cannot express the feelings of appreciation and gratitude I have towards you all for the time I spent at your facility.

In short, my roller-coaster two-week period initiated by admitting myself to ED at Footscray hospital, then heading into a ward for four nights, and concluding when I left you all from my seven-day detoxification has been the biggest learning experience of my life.

While I would not recommend many of my choices to anyone, I’ve been able to draw out many positives from my time spent with you all. Thanks to you I feel like myself again.

I feel normal. I feel like a real person. I can feel emotions again which is wonderful.

While my journey is not over you have all helped me steer in the right direction which I am so grateful for.

Linda – Thank you so much for letting me help out in the kitchen. It was like therapy for me and I’ve learnt so much from you; I’ll be working through the recipes you gave me.

Lord Rudy – Every morning I would get up and look at the whiteboard to see which staff would be on that day. If your name wasn’t there it was so disappointing! The place would not be the same without you and your wise words.

John – I’d love to see you and your band play at some stage.

Rach – I don’t know why but cooking with you the day Linda was away was one of the highlights of my experience there. I enjoyed it so much.

To all the nurses and support staff- I can imagine the difficulties that may arise working at such a facility. What a great joy you all do. Caring, professional and committed.

Finally, Michael -What a hero. I hope you understand what a positive impact you have on people’s lives. The lessons you taught me will stay with me forever. Thanks to you I am extremely confident, determined and optimistic for the future.

It seems funny to say however I was so sad and emotional to leave such a great facility and the team who operate it. Should there ever be a volunteer opportunity there to help out in any capacity I would surly put my hand up.

Thank you all once again.