Compliment of the week – 17 July 2020

Every single staff member at Western Health – either directly or indirectly, whether clinical staff, non-clinical staff or volunteer - makes a contribution every day to supporting the provision of Best Care and the best experience for our patients. Compliments are real examples of our staff providing Best Care. Through our 'compliment of the week' we acknowledge staff who successfully translate our Vision of delivering Best Care into day-to-day behaviours.


Our vision of Best Care is to provide person-centred, co-ordinated, right and safe care for every patient, every time, everywhere.  Delivering Best Care within the complexity of our health system is not always easy.  We would like to recognise the provision of Best Care by Western Health staff supporting COVID testing for our community at the Showgrounds Respiratory Assessment Clinic.  We share this note of appreciation provided by Brighid, who recently attended the Showgrounds Respiratory Assessment Clinic.

Good afternoon,

I am writing to thank the staff of Western Health for providing an outstanding service at the Showgrounds COVID clinic on Thursday 9/7/20.

I approached the clinic with mild symptoms, and was blown away by the care, compassion and professionalism of your staff.

The set up and efficiency of the drive thru clinic was first-class and my interactions with staff were unfaultable.

From the traffic control crew, to the army personal, nurses, doctors and administration staff all playing a role in making this daunting experience, one of ease and comfort.

I would like to especially thank Kurt and Deb (I hope I got their names right), for their service today. Whether it be confirming my details or conducting the test, these two staff members made me feel safe and appreciated through their warm and welcoming nature.

I understand that the set up and running of this clinic could not have been an easy task. I would like to extend my thanks to all of those behind the scenes for allowing this service to run so smoothly.

To all of the staff at Western Health, your hard work and dedication does not go unnoticed and I applaud you for keeping our community safe.

I cannot recommend the Showgrounds clinic highly enough and extend my thanks once again for providing me with an incredible experience.

Please ensure you look after yourselves while caring for our community, we would be absolutely lost without you.

Warm Regards,