CivVic Labs – Western Health & WeGuide partnering to improve patient outcomes.

In 2019 Western Health participated in The CivVic Labs program which brings government and Victorian start-ups together to solve public sector challenges.

As patients are best placed to report how the care they receive affects the health outcomes that are meaningful to them, we asked the question, how might we incorporate the health outcomes that matter to patients into clinical practice?

The solution, Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROM). PROMs are used to capture outcomes that matter to patients, by the patients. This includes the patient’s perspective on how illness impacts their life, well-being and health. It also includes the patient’s experience and perception of their healthcare.

Incorporating PROMs into clinical practice is highly desirable as they:

  • Enhance clinician-patient communication
  • Improve the quality of care and clinical practice
  • Improve patient satisfaction
  • Guide safe and effective healthcare

WeGuide was tasked to develop a platform capable of automatically sending out PROMs that was integrated with the Western Health iPM system. 

After several delays primarily due to COVID-19, the project pilot ran within the Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Clinics between 20th April and 20th July 2021. A total of 402 patients were enrolled in the pilot.  237 PROMs (119 condition specific PROMs and 118 Quality of Life PROMs) were completed by 119 patients, this represents a response rate for the initial PROM of 33%. Significantly there was a 26% reduction in time spent by clinicians on PROMs and it resulted in a 91% reduction in time-per-PROM 1.74 minutes down from 21.4 minutes, when comparing a manual process for distributing and completing PROMs.

This pilot successfully demonstrated that a PROMs platform can be integrated into Western Health’s systems and PROMs with distribution automated based on appointment bookings. 

Based on the success of this pilot work is now progressing to establish a single centralized PROM collection for Western Health.