Audit of Best Care (ABC) summary of results

Your results from the inaugural ABC survey


Inaugural Audit of Best Care Day was on Thursday 13 February 2020 

  • >240 audits were completed across the organisation
  • Auditing was made easier with audit tools customised to align with Live Best Care at WH and requirements of the NSQHS Standards
  • The previous audit comprised 158 questions in total.  ABC has been condensed to 30 questions that reflect our ability to provide Best Care for our patients
  •  The ABC provides more timely access to data with staff using WoWs to complete the audit with results able to be filtered by Division and Ward on Sharepoint
  •  Staff were offered some delicious treats to help them during their audits –  Apples, Biscuits, and Chocolates.  More apples were selected at Footscray than any other site!
  •  We are great at goal setting with 84% of patients/family/carers being involved with setting goals and developing a care plan
  •  Our bedside areas are looking good with 96% being clean and free from clutter
  •  97% of our patients were wearing a correct and legible identification band

Thank-you everyone!

In-house auditing presents advantages for Western Health staff, including greater flexibility with audit content and more timely access to data.  Staff using WoWs to complete the ABC means results are immediately available on SharePoint.  A summary of the results for each ABC question can be accessed through the link below, with results able to be filtered to Divisional and Ward Level.  

Audit of Best Care (ABC)_Summary of Results_February2020_LBCsite