Aged Care Liaison & Rapid Allied Health COVID Response – on demand viewing – 2020 Research & Best Care Conference

The 2020 Research and Best Care Conference (RBCC) was held from 26-30 October and provided opportunity to highlight the adaptability of our staff and the service changes that have effectively been implemented in response to COVID-19. The RBCC comprised of daily Zoom webinars that covered various Research and Best Care initiatives, challenges, insights and achievements relating to the COVID-19 pandemic from a Western Health, national and international perspective.


The 2020 RBCC was a great success, reflected through a total of almost 900 individual viewers of the webinars across the week.  Staff appreciated the opportunity to celebrate both the challenges and successes during this extraordinary year.  

For staff unable to attend the live Zoom sessions, session recordings can be viewed.

Thursday 29 October 2020

  • The Aged Care Liaison Service COVID response – Dr Clare White, Ms Kirsty Barnes, Mr Mark Murray, Dr Elizabeth Dapiran
  • The Rapid Allied Health (RAH) @home service COVID response –  Ms Catherine Grant

Click on the below image to access the on demand recording of this session – Access Passcode: $64b6NXD