Adult responder resuscitation trolleys are coming

On Monday 24th February Western Health will be rolling out the new adult code blue responder equipment at both the Footscray and Sunshine Hospital Precinct.


The roll out of this new equipment is just one part of the work that Western Health’s Deteriorating Patient Systems (DPS) project is undertaking to improve outcomes for our patients.

This will see fully equipped resuscitation trolleys being taken by the code blue teams to all adult code blue locations within internal buildings.  Code blue responders are advised to walk at a steady pace when responding to codes, and will be now utilising lifts rather than stairs. The code responders will override lifts to be able to attend the code in a timely fashion.   There may be occasions where you are required to step out to allow priority use for the code response team. We therefore do not anticipate any delays to the teams’ response. 

It is important to remember that even though the new resuscitation trolleys are coming, please do not remove, or change any of the current contents in your areas current resuscitation trolley.

The routine checking of local resuscitation equipment does not change.

For more information on code response equipment resources please click here or go to the Deteriorating Patient  Internet page.