Accreditation Summation

After many months of hard work, on Friday afternoon our staff and volunteers were provided with the opportunity to hear from the surveyors who were responsible for assessing Western Health for accreditation against the eight NSQHS Standards.


Throughout the summation, the surveyors conveyed their positive feedback on our services, and advised we have met all of the requirements for continued accreditation (pending formal sign off of their work).  This is a major achievement for Western Health and is the result of significant effort and dedication from all staff and volunteers to reach this point, particularly in the context of the many competing demands we face.

The surveyors’ reflections were that Best Care is clearly evident from Board to Ward.

I am so grateful that our staff and volunteers have played a significant role and are so dedicated in enabling Western Health to Live Best Care and enhance the experience for our patients.

I would like to acknowledge Alison Rule and Narelle Watson, supported by their teams, for their leadership in the lead up to survey week.  My thanks also goes to the entire Executive team, Educators and many more staff and volunteers too numerous to mention but equally important.

The positive feedback we received from the surveyors is wonderful for Western Health and our community and reflects our continued dedication, commitment and passion to our community.  It was fantastic to hear the survey team say that both they and their families would like to receive care at our service.

Western Health staff and volunteers should be very proud of this accolade.

Well done and thank-you all.


Russell Harrison

Chief Executive